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  • 細粉碎設備

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    CJJ series · All ceramic non-contamination mechanical pulverizer
    working principle:
    After the material is quantitatively added to the crushing cavity, the airflow vortex generated by the high-speed rotating crushing disk will bring the material into the gap between the crushing disk and the ring gear. The crushing blade is installed on the crushing disk, and the blade and the gear ring are sheared at high speed. The material changes from coarse to fine, and then enters the built-in classification chamber under the effect of negative pressure, and is screened by the high-speed classifying rotor. The qualified fine powder will pass through the classifying rotor and then enter the downstream dust collection equipment (cyclone separator, bag filter, etc.) through the pipeline, those  particle size which still does not reach the standard will be impacted and broken again.
    1.   結合“機械沖擊”與“氣流渦旋”的作用,相比氣流粉碎,破碎強度適中,不易產生過粉碎現象,能耗大大降低;
    2.   粉碎、分級一體式設計,高速分級輪結合特殊的密封結構,產品出料粒度均勻可控、分布范圍窄且無大顆?;烊?;
    3.   主機內腔接觸物料部位全部工程陶瓷防護,從而滿足多數高新材料避免金屬雜質污染要求,關鍵部位包括進料機構、齒圈、粉碎刀、分級輪、密封機構、出料機構等,特別是全陶瓷高速分級輪屬于我公司產品,經一體加工成型,線速度高,分級粒度精準可控。
    4.   適用于硬度在5級以下、對過細粉敏感的物料粉碎,另外還可用于燒結處理或干燥后物料的打散解聚,能耗低,產能高;廣泛應用于鋰電池正負極材料、高新陶瓷材料、電子材料等領域。
    5.   可根據物料特性,實現低露點閉路循環粉碎;靈活選用合適形式的刀片、齒圈的粉碎副組合,以達到超細化、球形化等不同的粉碎要求;可與渦輪分級機聯合使用,再次調整粒度分布。
    6.   匹配全流程自動化生產線,無粉塵外泄,綠色環保;勞動強度低;智能在線及遠程控制;
    1. Combining the effects of "mechanical impact" and "airflow vortex", compared with airflow crushing, the crushing strength is moderate, over crushing is not easy to occur, and energy consumption is greatly reduced;
    2. The integrated design of crushing and grading, high-speed classifying rotor combined with special sealing structure, the product discharge particle size is uniform and controllable, the distribution range is narrow and no large particles are mixed;
    3. All engineering ceramics in the cavity of the main unit are in contact with the material to protect it, so as to meet the requirements of most high-tech materials to avoid metal impurity contamination. The key parts include the feeding mechanism, ring gear, crushing knife, classifying rotor, sealing mechanism, discharging mechanism, etc., especially The all-ceramic high-speed classifying rotor belongs to our company's patented product. It is formed by one-piece processing, with high linear speed and accurate and controllable grading granularity.
    4. It is suitable for crushing materials with hardness below 5 and sensitive to excessively fine powder. It can also be used for disintegration and disaggregation of materials after sintering or drying, with low energy consumption and high production capacity; widely used in positive and negative materials of lithium batteries , High-tech ceramic materials, electronic materials and other fields.
    5. According to the characteristics of the material, it can realize the low dew point closed-circuit crushing; flexibly choose the appropriate combination of blade and gear ring crushing combination to achieve different crushing requirements such as ultra-fine and spherical; can be used in combination with the turbine classifier Adjust the particle size distribution again.
    6. Match the whole process automated production line, no dust leakage, green environmental protection; low labor intensity; intelligent online and remote control;
    技術參數表(Technical Data Sheet

    Note: The specific configuration and processing effect need to be confirmed according to material properties and processing requirements, and youcan communicate with our engineers or come to do materials processing test first.
    實物圖片(Physical picture
    參考工藝流程圖(Reference process flow chart
    Group Standard "All-ceramic No Metal Contamination Mechanical Ultra-micro Crusher"標準編號:T/JSP2-2019
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